The South African Pharmacy Council (Council), in 2018, developed a new format for the pre-registration examination which is in line with the new competency standards. Council resolved that the pre-registration examination be conducted three times, i.e. in March, July and October as indicated in the schedule below.


Please click here to access the pre-registration examination (21 January 2021).

Only candidates booked for the pre-registration practice examination will be able to access the examination.

The examination format consists of one paper comprising of the calculation and general sections, written over four and a half (41/2) hours. The calculation section will be written over two (2) hours and the general section over two and a half (21/2) hours. There will be a 15-minute break between the sections. You may download the sample 2019 Practice Pre-Registration Exam Paper by clicking here.

The blueprint for the new format examination is available in the 2020 Intern and Tutor Manual. Click here to download the 2020 Intern and Tutor Manual.

Council will conduct workshops in May 2020 to introduce the examination format to interns and their tutors.

Pharmacist Interns attempting the pre-registration examination for the first time will only be allowed to sit for the examination after completing the first six months of their internship and submitting at least six continuing professional development (CPD) entries online and three progress reports submitted by their tutor (i.e. the 12 weeks personal and professional development report, 24 weeks personal and professional development report and the sectoral experience checklist). Interns registered for nine (9) months or more must submit six (6) CPD entries and their tutor must submit four progress reports (i.e. the 12 weeks personal and professional development report, the 24 weeks personal and professional development report and sectoral experience checklist, and the 36 weeks personal and professional development report) to be eligible to write the examination.

The examinations will be conducted at various centres in specified provinces and these will be communicated to interns before the examination is open for booking. Interns are required to book online on the secure site to write the examination. On booking, interns are required to select the venue where they will be writing the examination. The examination booking must be completed at least four weeks prior to the examination date. A late booking fee determined by Council will be charged for bookings submitted less than four weeks and up to 14 days before the examination date. Bookings submitted less than 14 days before the examination date will not be accepted.

No fee will be charged for the first and second attempt at the examination. Interns will, however, be charged a fee for a third and any subsequent attempts at the examination.

The fees are published by Council each year and are available on the Council website.

A pharmacist intern may attempt an examination on any of the scheduled dates. If the intern fails the examination, he/she may rewrite it on the next available examination date.


View the five-part SAPC 2020 Online Pre-Registration Examination Workshop below, or click here to view on the SAPC YouTube Channel.


The 2020 Pre-registration Examination Workshops presentations are available for download below:

2020 Online Preregistration Examination Workshop Presentation (August 2020)

2020 Pre-registration Exam Format and Sample Questions

Pre-registration examination dates* are:

  • 09 and 10 October 2020 (one exam, sections separated)
  • 12 November 2020


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