The pre-registration examination consists of two papers (i.e. paper 1 and paper 2) written on the same day. Paper 1 is on pharmaceutical calculations and must be written by all interns. Paper 2 is a sector specific paper which has sections for community, institutional and manufacturing pharmacy and interns must select the sector they want to write. Paper 2 also includes a general section which all interns must answer. Both paper 1 and paper 2 questions are in the multiple choice format. The examination is conducted online. Practice papers are available online on the secure site for interns to practice.

The pre-registration examination is an open book examination and the recommended reference books are available in the intern/tutor manual.

Only pharmacist interns in their sixth month of practical training or more may attempt the pre-registration examination on any of the scheduled dates, provided they have submitted 4 CPD entries and 1 progress report.

The pre-registration examination will be conducted in March, June, September and November. The examination dates are available in the intern/tutor manual. The examinations will be conducted at various centres across the country and these will be available to interns when the examination is open for interns to book.

Interns who attempt the examination three or more times will be charged an examination fee which is determined by Council. The examination fee will not be charged for the first and second attempts of the examination. Applications to sit for the examination must be submitted online at least a month (30 days) before the scheduled date of the examination. Interns will be charged a late booking fee determined by Council for examination bookings received after 30 days and up to 14 days before the examination. Applications received in less than 14 days before the examination will not be considered.

After successful completion of internship, the intern may register as a pharmacist for the purposes of performing community service in an approved public sector facility before he/she can practice independently as a pharmacist.

Pre-registration examination dates*

  • 02 March 2019 (old format)
  • 20 July 2019 (new format)
  • 23 October 2019 (new format)

* These dates are subject to change

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