In terms of Section 14A of the Pharmacy Act, 53 of 1974, following the completion of the Bachelor of Pharmacy qualification and the internship-year, newly qualified pharmacists should perform one year of remunerated community service. Once interns have complied with all the pre-registration requirements, i.e. completion of 365 days under a tutor, submission of favourable progress reports by the tutor, competence in six CPD activities submitted and success in the pre-registration examination, they are released from the register of interns and become eligible for registration as pharmacists for the purpose of performing pharmaceutical community service (CSP). 

Placement of community service pharmacists is determined by the National Department of Health (NDoH) in terms of the Regulations relating to the performance of pharmaceutical community service (GNR.1157 of 20 November 2000). Upon their appointment by the relevant health authority to perform community service, candidates are required to-

  1. notify the Registrar of Council of the public health facility or complex where they will be undertaking community service; and
  2. apply for registration as a pharmacist for the purpose of performing community service in terms of the Regulations relating to the registration of persons and the maintenance of registers.

The candidate is required to submit the online application for registration as a community service pharmacist and submit all the required supporting documents to the SAPC as soon as they are appointed. The registration of a CSP could be delayed if the SAPC does not receive all the required documents and the prescribed fee timeously. 

Once the candidate has completed 12 months or 365 days of community service, the relevant health authority is required to furnish the SAPC and NDoH with a report that such person has satisfactorily completed pharmaceutical community service. On receipt of notification that the candidate has been released from community service by the relevant health authority, the SAPC will uplift the community service limitation from the pharmacist registration. A fee is not required for the release of a pharmacist from community service.

Registered Persons