Any person who holds a pharmacist’s assistant (basic) certificate of qualification obtained in South Africa from a provider of education and training approved by the South African Pharmacy Council (SAPC) may apply for registration with the SAPC as a pharmacist’s assistant (basic) on submitting the following required documents and paying the registration fee as determined by the Council:

  1. a duly completed application on a form approved and provided by Council;
  2. a certified copy of his or her identity document or passport;
  3. acceptable documentary evidence that he or she holds a certificate of qualification that entitles him or her to be registered as a pharmacist’s assistant (basic), and has completed the in-service training in terms of the Pharmacy Act;
  4. acceptable documentary evidence that he or she has passed an examination(s) or other evaluation(s) as determined by Council, if applicable.

The SAPC has provided accredited providers of education and training with access to its online registration system in order to submit applications for registration on behalf of qualifying enrolled learners.

Registered Persons