September is National Pharmacy Month 2017
Don't Wait - Vaccinate
Pharmacy Month 2017 Web Resolution Artwork for download:

Flyer 1 English Afrikaans Sepedi Sesotho Tshwana
Flyer 2 English Tsonga Venda Zulu Xhosa

English Poster
Afrikaans Poster
Sesotho Poster
Sepedi Poster
Tshwana Poster
Tsonga Poster
Venda Poster
Xhosa Poster
Zulu Poster

As of 2017, Pharmacy Month will supersede pharmacy week and runs for the month of September. The aim of extending this period was to provide pharmacists with the opportunity to further improve patient awareness to the vital role pharmacists play in their daily health care needs, and foster the understanding of the importance of pharmacists in the provision of quality health care.

In this year’s main theme of “Don’t wait - vaccinate”, pharmacists will be increasing the community's awareness to the importance of vaccination in the community as a whole. Through vaccination, individuals develop immunity to certain diseases, and can protect themselves, their families and communities from these diseases.

The key messages will focus on reinforcing the benefits of vaccination in providing immunity to individuals, families, and communities. The campaign seeks to challenge individuals to be proactive in ensuring that they know what vaccines are available, where they are available from and to check if they are up to date as per the vaccination schedule recommendations.

Posters and pamphlets, developed by the National Department of Health, Pharmaceutical Society of South Africa and the South African Pharmacy Council, consist of a central image of a child in the forefront of a mosaic image of the community. This image serves to reinforce the sub-theme of: protect yourself, protect your family, protect your community. These will be ready for distribution in August 2017. Please note that these posters are tagged so that patients can download the information on their smart phones. Pharmacy Week is a collaborative activity between the National Department of Health,South African Pharmacy Council, and Pharmaceutical Society of South Africa. This message will be carried, printed and distributed nationwide. Artwork will also be available for download from:,, and

Council and its partners are urging the profession to make this year’s campaign the biggest and most impactful yet. Some activities to consider are exhibition stands, presentations, visits (schools, hospitals, gyms, old age homes), competitions, press releases, information slips, emails, Facebook, Twitter etc.

Please remember to send your Pharmacy Month stories and photos to

For those that would like to share their experiences with the health care community, the Twitter tag "@PharmMonth2017" has been registered.

Together, the pharmacist and his/her patient can achieve the optimum pharmaceutical care results!