One of the objects of the South African Pharmacy Council (SAPC) is to be transparent to the profession and the general public in achieving its objects and performing its functions and executing its powers. This is achieved through efficient and effective management of Council’s financial resources, supply chain, fixed assets, business risk and internal audit in line with good practice. Assurance of financial management is through published annual financial statements within six months after year - end in line with the Companies Act.


Annual Fee due dates

Failure to pay prescribed annual fees within three months from the date the fee became due may lead to removal of name from the register. The due dates each year are as follows:


  • 2 January - Pharmacies and responsible pharmacists (private sector) - retail, wholesale, distribution and manufacturing.
  •  1 February - Pharmacists
  •  1 June - Providers, assessors, pharmacists’ assistants and students
  •  1 July - Pharmacies and responsible pharmacists (public sector)

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