Foreign Qualifications

People with qualifications obtained outside South Africa

To be able to work as a pharmacist or pharmacy support personnel in South Africa (SA), registration with the South African Pharmacy Council is required. The procedure to be followed when registering for the first time with Council is explained in the brochure.

Application Forms for recognition of foreign qualifications as well as a letter of endorsement to sit for the examination issued by the Department of Health (Foreign Workforce Management Programme) should be submitted to Council for approval to sit for the examination.

Once you have been approved by Council to undertake the professional examinations, you can obtain the application forms to sit for the examinations. Information on how to qualify to sit for the professional examinations is contained in the brochure.

Professional examinations are conducted twice a year (
exam schedule for current year). To assist you in preparing for the professional examinations, you can download the Professional Examination Guidelines. Past examination papers can also be purchased from Council. For more information please contact the SAPC Customer Care Contact Centre.

Please note that, having met the criteria for registration with Council, you will be required to approach the Department of Health (Foreign Workforce Management Programme) for endorsement of the job offer before registration.