Competency Standards

Competence standards have been developed, as a tool to help you to assess your own learning needs. Gaps in your knowledge and skills can be identified by comparing your own knowledge and skills with those required by the standards. Competence standards have also been structured in such a way that it will help you to identify areas within your practice setting, which could be modified and/or improved. Competence standards are based on the seven unit standards for entry-level pharmacists, which have been accepted by the South African Pharmacy Council as the minimum competencies required for entry into the profession. Three additional sections have been added. These deal with facilitating the development of pharmaceutical personnel, practising pharmacy professionally and ethically and the management of a pharmacy/pharmaceutical service. Because of the fact that pharmacists practise in such a variety of practice settings, provision has been made for you to check in the introduction each standard, whether or not the standard applies to you. This provision should be used in instances where the aspect of practice identified does not relate to your particular practice setting.